About us

Our history

In love with the Champagne region and champagne…

Passionate about vehicles and vintage objects….

The idea of creating unusual visits in the Champagne region, by combining our two passions, was a family initiative.

My Vintage Tour Company takes you on a journey back in time to discover the champagne vineyards, the heritage of Epernay, Reims and their surroundings in a mythical French vehicle from the 1960/80’s.

The vehicle

Why a Estafette Alouette ?

This vehicle is an icon of the 1960-1980’s in France.

As early as 1961 the “Alouette” was born, which could serve as a utility van in the week and as a people carrier at the weekend. You just needed to add benches, made of tubes and canvas, to turn the van into a car.

The Estafette became one of the symbols of the glorious thirty : the development of the economic boom and its transportation demands, the emerging need for a local service that exceeded that of mere delivery. It symbolised all these new flourishing signs and whose names were written in large letters on its flanks, always colourful and shiny.
And when it took on a dark shade, it became the Gendarmerie’s vehicule, present at many crossroads to ensure the good operation of an ever developing automobile society.

Nowadays, this little van seduces everyone who crosses its path!! With its ultra comfortable seats and large glazed windows, it offers a perfect view of the vineyards : your ride will be unforgettable!

Come and join us in this mythical collector’s vehicle on this journey through time, and discover the beautiful champagne landscapes.

Our Estafette Alouette may at times be an old lady who sometimes plays tricks … but don’t worry!!! If this happens during your ride, a champagne flute will be offered to wait whilst the repair takes place or another vehicle come to pick you up!!

To learn more about the history of our Estafette: feel free to visit our blog!

“Discover the Champagne region in a unique way with My Vintage Tour Company!”

Co-founder of My Vintage Tour Company